2022 – progress and challenges

TotalEnergies EP Denmark’s operations are situated in the harsh environment of the North Sea and this sets the scene for our focus on safe and reliable operations.

Most of our offshore installations were constructed many years ago and were built for a significantly higher output of oil and gas. In this context, our goal is to operate our mature offshore installations in the safest, most energy efficient manner, with the lowest possible adverse impacts on air, sea and land, both locally and globally.

In 2022, we saw a high level of activity with significant major engineering projects being conducted, such as the redevelopment of Tyra as well as reducing the routine flaring from the oil from the Gorm field to the Dan field by 50%. These projects had major impacts on sustainability numbers.

Climate and Sustainable Energy

GHG Emissions¹
Total CO₂mil. Tons CO₂0.800.730.79
GHG intensitykt CO₂ eq./Mboe28.128.129.7
Other emissions
Sources of CO₂ Emissions on Production Platforms
Fuel gas%748688
Flared gas%131311
Consumption of HCFC* gas and HFC* gas
Energy consumption
Total energy consumptionTJ12,088.311,184.912,311.3
Use of extracted hydrocarbons
For sale%757573
For internal energy consumption%222224
For flaring%333

Care for the Environment

Production of water
Produced watermil. Tons22.322.226.3
Total fluids production (gas, oil and water)mil. Tons26.426.130.2
Produced water reinjected into the reservoirs or discharged into the sea
Re-injected produced watermil. m³5.95.56.3
Discharged produced watermil. m³16.316.817.6
Oil in produced water discharged into the sea
Total volume of oil dischargeTons92.491.7121.6
Average concentration of oil in produced water discharged into the sea
Oil concentrationmg/l5.75.56.9
Water-based drilling mud and drill cuttings discharged into the sea
Water-based drilling mud1,000 m³000
Drill cuttings1,000 m³000
Number of wells drilledNumber000
Accidental oil spills
Accidental oil and diesel spillsTons0.10.90.8
Accidental oil and diesel spillsNumber1086
Accidental chemicals spills
Accidental chemical spillsTons0.72.710.5
Accidental chemical spillsNumber102932
Chemicals discharged into the sea
Green chemicalsTons1,095786803
Yellow chemicalsTons3,2143,5854,281
Red chemicalsTons0.48.513.4
Grand TotalTons4,3094,3795,097
Chemical usage
Green chemicalsTons2,4222,2754,065
Yellow chemicalsTons6,6006,6347,640
Black chemicalsTons000
Red chemicalsTons145370.8
Grand TotalTons9,0358,96211,776
Waste management
Waste totalTons3,8872,4712,985

People’s Well-Being

Workforce onshoreNumber538521486
Workforce offshoreNumber371357275
% of women%151619
Among onshore%252628
Among offshore%234
Number of nationalitiesNumber505148

Creating Shared Value

Action! program – employee participation%-1016

Operational data

Production of oil and gas
Gasmil. Tons oil eq1.21.21.1
Oilmil. Tons2.92.72.7

¹ Scope 1 and Scope 2 from all offshore assets and logistical support
² 2020 includes extra waste from the decommissioning of the Tyra platform

³ Incinerated with energy recovery
* nmVOC = non-methane Volatile Organic Compounds, HCFC = Hydrochlorofluorocarbons, HFC = hydrofluorocarbons

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